Mike’s Top Priorities

Having spoken with and listened to thousands of Alaskans living in Anchorage, these are the issues that are mentioned again and again. These are the issues that are most critical and distressing to us all. By employing an evidenced/results-based approach to public policy, a Robbins Administration will bring much-needed change to our community, especially in the following areas.  


Enforcing laws, prosecuting crimes and giving our first responders the tools they need to keep us safe.


The homeless population of Anchorage has increased tremendously in the last decade. By bringing together private non-profits and faith-based organizations a Robbins Administration will facilitate real and humane solutions to address this complicated and multi-faceted issue. 

COVID/Economic Recovery

Anchorage has all of the tools it needs to be the economic engine for Alaska. We are the hub for all industries in the state. We have the port, the airport, and the railway. We will pay attention to the science while responsibly opening Anchorage for business. A Robbins Administration will be focused on rebuilding Anchorage’s businesses and economy as the pandemic ends.  


Having a world-class education system is critical for Anchorage to be a liveable community. Young families looking for quality education and businesses looking for qualified employees have a vested interest in this issue. Mike will work directly with the Anchorage School District and School Board in order to make this priority a reality.

And as the Pandemic winds down and schools re-open, Mike is committed to seeing our kids catch back up with their studies.

Government Services

Government exists to serve the people. A Robbins Administration will instill a culture of “Customer Service” from the top.

A Municipal Government that is effective and efficient with this kind of attitude is critical to the success of Anchorage. We don’t need to keep paying a premium for services as a result of needless layers of bureaucracy and bureaucratic processes.

These are Mike’s top priorities and he’s already working with key leaders on solutions that will work for us in Anchorage. Any leader will tell you that the process of getting the right people around the table along with other key stakeholders who are committed to finding and implementing real solutions that result in effectual change, and working with them is the best process to employ. Mike’s approach is one in which government is a partner and a facilitator for the private sector.

We don’t need any more government programs which too often result in increased dependency on the part of those who are “helped” along with an exponential increase in the size of government. The private sector can do it much more effectively and efficiently and Mike will bring the needed skillset to the Mayor’s office to re-create these kinds of partnerships and synergies.

The Robbins Campaign has created Advisory Committees comprised of well-respected local experts regarding each of these issues so that the Robbins Administration will be ready well in advance of day one to implement the right solutions to make Anchorage safer, cleaner, and more prosperous.