Mike Robbins Can Lead Anchorage to Prosperity

“A city shouldn’t ask its citizens for forgiveness, it should ask them for permission.“

Mike has been a fiscal-conservative Republican since he was 18 years old. He started his first business at the age of 17, and since 1991 he’s owned a variety of companies. Until recently, Mike served as the general manager of Falcon Broadcasting which owned two local radio stations (country/western and news talk), but he sold those stations in November in order to focus on running for mayor full time. Mike also owned a production company that produced numerous live concerts, speaking events, and trade shows which had to be shut down due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

As a homeowner, husband, father, employer, and businessman, Mike Robbins wears many hats just like most of us. Mike, his wife, Tetyana, and their three children, Daniel, Richie, and Elizabeth live, work, play, and attend church here. His kids received their education from schools in the Anchorage School District. Mike is one of us and he gets it! We need a city that is safe, thriving, and remarkable. That’s why he’s stepping up to serve. 

“A strong private sector and commerce center is critical to Anchorage’s vitality and growth. Our Municipality should be a friend to businesses and the workforce, not a foe.“

The actions of our current administration have hobbled infrastructure, decimated businesses, and threatened any sense of normalcy for years to come. Clones of the previous mayor, many of whom have also filed to serve as mayor, will only exacerbate the problem and keep our Municipality at a standstill and closed.

“City government is elected to serve the people, to do that it must listen and respond. What matters most is that it carry out the people’s agenda.”

We need a visionary who has the aptitude and skillset to lead, manage, and listen. That’s Mike Robbins! He’s also accessible, ethical, and on the side of the citizens of Anchorage. He’s a faith-centered, pro-law enforcement, pro-business, pro-military, pro-people candidate who will work tirelessly to bring prosperity back to Anchorage. Mike Robbins is the right choice for Mayor of Anchorage in 2021.

Mike has been working to improve the quality of life in Anchorage for years. He’s raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the homeless, foster kids, and drug-addicted because he genuinely cares. His civic contributions include past and present memberships in the Anchorage Fur Rondy, Anchorage Rotary, Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Pump Up the Kids (foster care support – Founder), Captain Cook Jaycees, Alaska Institute for Growth, Challenge Alaska, National Rifle Association, and Chairman of Republican House District 26.